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HIPICO, Santa Fe's Equestrian Park, is located off Airport Road on the south side of town, near the Santa Fe Regional Airport.
Use this Google Maps link to get directions to HIPICO:

Here's a preview of what an event is like!


Each space is 27' wide by 18' deep and offer patrons a personal 9' x 18' tailgate/picnic zone beside their parked vehicle.  Each space is safely distanced, with 18' between cars.

All vehicles must be parked by show time. There will be no late admission! Please come during your selected time slot to make entry smooth and easy for everyone.

There will be two large HD video screens, one on stage and one behind Row 5. A full concert PA with delay towers will ensure quality sound throughout the venue. It is our goal to give patrons the best concert experience we can under the current circumstances. 


Do I need to wear a mask? Yes. You are asked to wear a cloth face covering except when eating or drinking in your designated area. A face covering per the CDC recommendations will be necessary to leave your area to utilize the restrooms, as above. 

Is alcohol allowed at the event? No. This is an alcohol free event. Alcohol is not permitted.  Due to the COVID restrictions, we will not be able to sell alcohol or set up a beer garden either. 

Are dogs allowed?  No. While we all love our pets, there are no animals allowed. Sorry. 

Will there be restrooms? Yes. We are providing portable restrooms spaced for ease of access around the venue. Attendants will clean/sanitize each unit regularly. YOU MUST WEAR A MASK TO USE THE RESTROOM.

Can I bring food? Yes. You are welcome to bring your own food, coolers, tailgate supplies as you see fit. SORRY - NO GRILLS.  

What do I do with my trash? Please plan to bring home everything including garbage that you bring to the event.  As a strange anti-mingling side effect, there will be no trash cans on site. 

Will there be food vendors? Yes, food vendors on site will be JAMBO and Tacos Gracias Madre with social distancing ordering!

Is there anything I should bring with me? Yes. Be sure to bring your ticket. Bring a mask. Bring your own drinking water. WE WILL NOT HAVE WATER FILLING STATIONS. Vendors will have water for sale but only for delivery so bring a good supply of your own water.  

Is this an all ages event? Yes. This is very much an all ages/family-friendly event. We encourage anyone under the age of 18 to attend with an adult guardian. 

Is parking included with my ticket? Yes! By design, all parking charges are included in your ticket price.  

What if I get sick? If you have any concern about your health or safety, please stay home. If you are showing any symptoms of illness please stay at home. 
We are making every effort to reduce or eliminate contact within the event and to maintain social distance. AMP Concerts and associated parties assume no liability for any illness that may arise after this event.

What time should I arrive? 
All vehicles must be parked by showtime.  There will be no late admission!  Please come during your selected time slot to make entry smooth and easy for everyone.

What if I need to leave during the show? 
There is no in-and-out access.  All vehicles must remain until the end of the show unless there is an emergency.  At the end of the show, please follow the guidance of the parking attendants for an orderly exit. 

Do I need a ticket for everyone in the car?
In order to limit contact and help expedite entry, we want to scan 1 ticket per vehicle. The ticket price represents the total for your vehicle, including everyone in it. 

You didn't answer my question! Sorry! Drop us a note and we'll answer your question.  


I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the [Joe West] show on Saturday!!  The event was extremely well managed, we appreciated all the security and distancing, and it felt so good to once again enjoy LIVE music in a safe environment.  Thank you for the great job on this event, we look forward to more like this!!
—Theresa & Dave, Rio Rancho


AMP Drive-In Concerts are made possible with the generous support of Falling Colors Foundation